Organic Janey Long Sleeve  - Marmot
Organic Janey Long Sleeve  - Marmot
Organic Janey Long Sleeve  - Marmot


Organic Janey Long Sleeve - Marmot

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This is a perfect staple piece for your baby, infant, or newborn.

Janey Baby Collection is a collaboration between Babysoy and Jane Goodall Institute. Products feature whimsical drawings of endangered species discussed in Dr. Goodall's book Hope for Animals and Their World.

  • Azlon from Soy Fiber
  • Organic Cotton

Azlon from soy is a recycled material made from the leftover pulp of soy milk production. Its porous structure allows extra air permeability to keep babies warm in the cooler days and dry during summertime. Combining azlon from soy and organic cotton gives this piece the finest comfy touch. 

The Janey Baby Story

After researching and learning about many of the world’s incredible initiatives, Babysoy opted to promote and support the Jane Goodall Institute: an organization originally formed by Dr. Jane Goodall in 1977 to continue the renowned primatologist’s chimpanzee research and expand efforts to protect chimpanzees, as well as educate others about environmental conservation.

Since the Jane Goodall Institute is committed to preserving and sustaining our natural resources and habitats, the connection was clear. Babysoy’s use of Azlon - a sustainable, natural fiber from the renewable resource of soybean pulp - combined with [their] own passion for quality, safe, and fairly-manufactured products, was completely in alignment with the goals of the Jane Goodall Institute.

With collaboration, cooperation, and communication, the four components of animal advocacy, artwork, conservation, and eco-friendly, sustainable products came together in the Janey Baby Collection. 


“Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.”

Jane Goodall