Triangle Clutching Toy
Triangle Clutching Toy


Triangle Clutching Toy

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This Triangle Clutching toy comes with a two-tone ball that is detachable and can also be played as a rattle.
  • This enhances fine motor skills while child grasps and rattles.
  • Suitable for children 6 months and up.
  • Manufactured from natural rubberwood from rubber trees which are preservative-free and naturally processed
  • Non-formaldehyde glue that is certified E-Zero formaldehyde-free glue
  • Organic color pigment
  • Water-based dyes

How to perfectly Clean your Kids' Toys:

1. Wooden-toys: - Use a damp cloth to wipe or take toys to solarize for a short period to avoid having fungus.  
Lacquered wooden toys: A smooth and soft cloth should be used to avoid having a rough surface on wood which can cause accidents to your kids.

2. Plastic toys: - Wash them with water or baby bottle cleanser.
Then take them to solarize or wipe it dry.
Plastic toys should be cleaned weekly.

3. Dolls and fabric toys: - Wash and solarize them or keep it dry in a breezy area.
These kinds of toys should be carefully cleaned as they can cause dust mites, the cause of allergy.